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The process of Herbal Extraction is usually designed to maximize a certain portion of the original chemical compounds found in the plant, many of which have a therapeutic action. Alternatively, Herbal Extraction may be used as a method of preservation (dried/ fresh herbs have a much shorter shelf life).
We offer solvent extraction units for herbal medicine production plants. These extraction units are used for the total extraction of concentrate and oleoresin from different spices/herbs. Besides, these units are used to make absolute from flowers and active constituents from medicinal plants.
VMT provides Turn-Key projects to Herbal Plants. From designing to Commission of the project we are handled with high efficiency. We provide solvent extraction units in various configurations and specifications, which can also be customized as per the needs of the clients. A team of experts works on the highly effective design systems that bring out the optimum classification of substances.

Herbal Extraction Plant - Flow Diagram

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